Chinese giant Baidu and American concern Ford will begin work on Internet services

Chinese giant Baidu and American concern Ford will begin work on Internet services

June 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The day before the solemn meeting of official representatives of Baidu and Ford. Within the framework of this meeting, an agreement was signed on joint cooperation in the field of Internet services.

In addition, in the world are becoming increasingly popular electric vehicles, as well as automatic piloting systems of various levels, various companies are considering the possibilities of integration in the modern TS different Internet services. In support of this, the solemn signing ceremony on cooperation between the Chinese holding Baidu and the American concern Ford was held yesterday.

Within the framework of the new cooperation, work will be carried out to create new cloud and Internet services. Later, companies will begin to provide “intelligent and personalized infotainment and digital solutions for cars.”

In addition to the development of new technologies in the field of services, companies will begin to work to improve automotive and mobile enterprises in China. Also, joint work will begin on the creation of new marketing schemes on the Internet.

While specific information about the upcoming developments is not reported, but it can be assumed that in the first place in the cars Ford for the Chinese market will be integrated local navigation services, traffic jams, streaming music playback and Internet search. Later, voice assist systems with the ability to control the elements of the car can be presented.

It is worth to clarify that the company Baidu, in independent work, and is already famous for its work on cars, constantly connected to the network. In addition, it integrates into its partners’ cars its own platform with elements of artificial intelligence Baidu DuerOS.

Meanwhile, Baidu for the first time tested its own autonomous system. Road tests were carried out on a public highway.