Chinese giant BAIC wants to buy back Daimaler AG

Chinese giant BAIC wants to buy back Daimaler AG

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mercedes and BAIC are closely related. In China, they are major joint business partners, and most recently, the Chinese concern bought the first 5% stake in Daimler, but wants to further increase its stake.

The German concern Daimler is popular not only for its cars. Among investors, he is considered one of the most reliable investments. Therefore, shares in free sale practically do not appear.

In the summer, it became known about a major deal to purchase a 5% stake in a German concern by BAIC, a Chinese partner. In addition, rumors appeared on the Web that the Chinese concern wants to increase its stake even more.

 BAIC previously acquired its stake through HSCB, and a recent Daimler report showed that the holding increased its stake to 5.23%. There is no direct connection with the Chinese, but the facts speak for themselves.

In addition, Daimler’s largest shareholder is also from China. Geely owns a 9.7% stake. This indicates an increased interest of Chinese companies in the international market. In addition, this also indicates a significant increase in their financial capabilities.