Chinese GAC unveils new electric crossover Aion Y

Chinese GAC unveils new electric crossover Aion Y

April 4, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This compact battery-powered SUV under the Aion brand has an original appearance: everything looks spectacular here – from body color to fancy rims.

The electric sub-brand GAC already has the Aion S electric sedan, which has become the debut model of the young brand, and the large Aion V SUV. Now, the Aion prayer line has joined the more compact Aion Y electric cross, whose length is almost 4.4 meters, which is almost the same. how much does the Swedish Volvo XC40.

At the same time, the Chinese model surpasses Volvo in wheelbase. Before the purchase, an electric car with three power plant options will be available: in the “base” a 60 kWh battery guarantees a power reserve of 410 kilometers, with a 70 kWh battery, an electric car will travel 90 kilometers more, and with a top-end 80 kWh battery, h range will grow to 600 kilometers. A 136-horsepower electric motor is provided for the “younger” battery.

The interior of the new electric crossover is minimalist. The gadgets here are digital with a large screen, as well as advanced multimedia, whose touchscreen is located horizontally.

The new product from Aion supports 5G and is able to scan the faces of passengers, adjusting to each specific person.
The automaker has not yet thought about importing its electric cars to the European market. Moreover, other electric brands from the Middle Kingdom feel pretty good in this region.

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