Chinese GAC introduced the electric concept of Entranze EV

Chinese GAC introduced the electric concept of Entranze EV

January 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The electric car, which was developed in the USA, was presented at the motor show in Detroit. According to the company, the GAC Entranze EV should be “the ideal vehicle for traveling.”

About a year ago, the GAC company from Guangzhou (China) showed the attractive Enverge concept at the Detroit Auto Show (USA). Now, the same guys are back to introduce the Entranze EV – the first vehicle developed in the new North American design center of the Chinese automaker.

The concept is a 7-seater crossover with a rather futuristic appearance and a purely electric power unit.

The GAC is positioning its novelty as an “ideal car for traveling” with an innovative 3 + 2 + 2 seat configuration. The car’s interior is almost entirely made of environmentally friendly materials such as cork and has a dashboard with two OLED screens on each side, and not with one screen in the middle.

  “Entranze is a glimpse of the amazing experience of GAC specialists, combining features from China and the United States,” describes the concept of the executive director of the GAC, Pontus Fonteus. “We sought to design a special car that will allow travelers to get real driving pleasure. This deep connection was the basis of our work. ”

Unfortunately, the Chinese manufacturer, which “is striving to strengthen its presence in North America,” did not share the details about the presented concept. Obviously, this is a fully electric car, but the exact layout of the power unit remains a mystery, but it is likely that it uses the same setup that debuted the Enverge concept last year. If so, then the futuristic GAC Entranze EV should be able to travel up to 595 kilometers from a single charge.