Chinese Foton will supply innovative ambulances abroad

Chinese Foton will supply innovative ambulances abroad

June 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Previously, the company has fully implemented the plan to provide such machines in the healthcare system of China.

Foton will begin shipping its new ambulances abroad. The development and production of such machines is carried out in conjunction with the Beiqi division. Ambulances were created very quickly – at the very beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, the Chinese Ministry of Industry placed an order for ambulances with negative pressure.

The first feature of the novelty is the complete isolation of the driver’s cab and medical staff. But the main innovation is in the medical compartment – it is equipped with a special breathing device with the ability to filter air and instant sterilization. All this minimizes the risk of contracting various infections. Such an innovation is very relevant against the background of the coronavirus epidemic.

In one month, about 50 thousand such machines were manufactured and delivered to the Ministry of Health of China, which even exceeded the original plan.

Now the company receives orders from abroad – the first customers were Mexico, Uzbekistan, Ecuador and Myanmar. It is noteworthy that the Chinese are ready to transfer part of the cars for free to particularly needy countries.