Chinese BYD Helps Fight against Corona

Chinese BYD Helps Fight against Corona

March 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese electric vehicle maker BYD said Friday it makes 5 million masks a day to fight the corona pandemic, which killed about 3,200 people in China.

A company from Shenzhen, supported by US investor Warren Buffett, said in a statement that it had begun construction of a new mask production line in late January. BYD also produces about 300,000 bottles of hand sanitizers per day.

BYD, which also produces batteries for electric vehicles, said it would provide masks to its employees to ensure normal production and deliver the essentials to people in Hubei, the epicenter of corona, as well as hospitals and public transport.

More than 134,500 people were infected with corona worldwide, and more than 4,900 people died. The total number of cases in mainland China is 80,813.