Chinese brand WEY built a crossover with a holographic virtual assistant

Chinese brand WEY built a crossover with a holographic virtual assistant

April 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese brand WEY, a part of the holding Great Wall, will present at the motor show in Beijing electric concept car WEY-X. A prototype will be a holographic virtual assistant, who can perform the simplest tasks, says Autohome.

WEY-X is built on a platform specially designed for electric vehicles, details of which are not yet reported. The machine is equipped with a high-speed connection to the Network, data exchange technology with other vehicles and infrastructure objects, biometric sensors, and also an autopilot of the fifth level of autonomy.

Using the camera and the heart rate sensor installed in the cabin, WEY-X is also able to monitor the physiological state of the driver.

The holographic assistant, made in the form of a hotel employee, can answer questions, and also manage individual functions of the car. For example, turn on lighting or change the volume of music playback.

Instead of traditional keys in WEY-X, the face recognition function is used. It automatically loads the necessary settings into the on-board system, for example, audio system settings, navigation and seat positions, and is also used to start the machine and open the doors.

The electric power plant of the prototype can be used to store electricity and return it to the general grid during peak hours.

The WEY brand was founded in 2016 and is the premium division of Great Wall. The brand is named after the ancient Chinese kingdom of Wei, which existed from 445 to 225 BC. By this name, the Chinese holding company produces luxury crossovers. Today the line consists of models VV5, VV7 and hybrid P8.