Chinese brand Roewe showed the design of future electric cars

Chinese brand Roewe showed the design of future electric cars

April 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Chinese company Roewe, owned by the SAIC group, on Monday, April 20, showed off a conceptual model of the upcoming flagship R-Aura.

The electric car will be the first to acquire a new corporate identity and a simplified emblem in the form of a stylized letter R. After which a similar design will begin to be applied to other electric models of the brand.

Roewe’s new proprietary design language is described as both simple and stylish. The most noticeable elements in the front are the illuminated emblem and a thin strip that connects the narrow headlights, and the back – 3-dimensional lights. According to the assumptions, such a design will become common to all upcoming Roewe electric cars.

 On the central pillars of the body, a sensor for reading fingerprints and a camera of the face recognition system are noticeable. There are currently no other details about the prototype. Even the press does not have information about the technical characteristics, for this reason it can be assumed that the R-Aura is only a research on the topic of design, and not a running conceptual model.

Currently, under the Roewe brand, two electric vehicles are offered. We are talking about the cross-country ERX5 and station wagon Ei5. In February, the corporation introduced yet another battery-powered sedan, the Ei6, which was the first to outline a new “smart design” concept.