Chinese brand Levdeo is preparing an electric cityar

Chinese brand Levdeo is preparing an electric cityar

August 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new electric car will receive a compact size to feel great on busy city streets, and an original appearance.

Another company from the Middle Kingdom announced the imminent appearance of a new electric car on the market. Levdeo is working on a four-seater electric city car called the A10E. The brand promises to name the name of the new hatchback later.

In the meantime, sketches of the future novelty were presented, whose presentation was scheduled for August 18. The new electric car gets an expressive design: it got original proportions, large designer wheels, a spectacular black stripe instead of the traditional radiator grill, sealed optics, etc.

Let us remind you that Levdeo is a more convenient English version of the company name for us, which in the original consists of hieroglyphs and is translated as “ringing thunder”.

Levdeo began its history back in 2008, focusing on electric vehicles with limited speed and range. In China, such vehicles are allowed to travel without numbers, but not all roads are open for them. In the past two years, the Chinese firm has acquired two local companies, expanding its capabilities. And, as a result, the lineup.

So, today the brand portfolio includes eight cars, three of which were released not so long ago. This is, for example, last year’s debutant Levdeo i9.