Chinese brand Byton introduced competitor Tesla Model 3

Chinese brand Byton introduced competitor Tesla Model 3

June 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the exhibition CES Asia in Shanghai, the company Byton introduced the electric sedan K-Byte, which, however, still has the status of the concept car.

Externally, the sedan looks very aggressive and futuristic, which makes it similar to other electrical concepts – Faraday Future FF91 and Lucid Air, but K-Byte, apparently, has smaller dimensions. The published photos show that the concept abounds with LED-elements and bold design solutions in the front part of the body, also not visible on it and the classic door handles. Perhaps they will be sensory, however, as practice shows, cars still need classic solutions. The same can be said about mirrors: on the concept instead of them are used retractable cameras, but it is unlikely that such a solution will be used on the production version of the car.

Since all three announced Byton models are built on the basis of one modular platform, we can expect that the sedan received exactly the same power plants as the crossover. In the standard version, the serial Byton crossover, which, by the way, is called M-Byte, is equipped with a 272-horsepower electric motor. The more expensive modification will receive two motors with a total capacity of 476 horsepower, and with a fair chance that these same engines will be installed in the sedan K-Byte.

As for the timing, the brand plans to supply customers with the first sedans in 2021. Approximate cost is not yet announced, but, apparently, the car will compete with Tesla Model 3, which is sold in the US market at a price of 35 000 US dollars

At the moment, Byton specialists are actively working with Aurora to introduce a fourth-level autonomous driving system into cars, which will not require the driver to actively participate in management.