Chinese Aiways to build methanol fuel cell plant

Chinese Aiways to build methanol fuel cell plant

August 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The foundation stone of the future enterprise has already been laid. The plant will be located in the Chinese province of Shanxi. Back in February 2017, Aiways was founded by former top managers of SAIC and the Chinese division of Volvo.

Aiways will have a plant that will produce hydrogen fuel cells using methanol. With the help of such compact units, it will be possible to deliver electricity to the battery, and then to the electric motors themselves.

The proposed algorithm will become an unexpected alternative to traditional electric cars and modern hydrogen cars. A similar scheme was tested on the revolutionary Aiways RG Nathalie methanol sports car. The series of this sports car should be released next year.

The future enterprise will occupy an area of ​​40.5 hectares, and its production capacity will be designed for the annual production of 80 thousand methanol systems. It is known that a large amount was invested in this promising project – 2 billion yuan (about $ 288 million).

Among the main advantages of methanol (when compared with the same hydrogen), first of all, they call it ease of storage. However, at the same time, methanol, also known as methyl alcohol, is poisonous.

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