China sees a new electric crossover

China sees a new electric crossover

February 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On the web, there were pictures from testing new items from a little-known startup Weltmeister.

On the pages of Autochina24 appeared spy shots of a previously unknown model, taken back in October 2019. All this time, the publication’s specialists wondered what the Chinese were testing for the model and only the other day came to the conclusion that we had before us the development of the Weltmeister brand, which appeared in 2015.

The little-known company currently has only 2 models in its portfolio, and both electric ones – EX5 and EX6 Plus crossovers. But the novelty seen in the tests looks clearly larger. In addition, with the general similarity of the Weltmeister interiors, this crossover has at least two differences. The engine start button on the central tunnel has an oval shape, like the more compact EX5. And door cards did not appear at all on any model before.

According to journalists, the brand is quite promising. Moreover, thanks to American investments and successfully selected personnel, Freeman Shen, the former top manager of Volvo and Geely, leads the brand. And the designer at Weltmeister, by the way, is Sam Song, who appeared in Volkswagen and Bentley.