China has come up with a way to increase parking capacity

China has come up with a way to increase parking capacity

April 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In China, in a test mode, a new method of storing cars in parking lots has been launched, which, as the authors of the project assert, now allows increasing the number of parking spaces by almost 70 percent.

Actually, a small revolution is as follows: in order to park a car on a new project, you need to drive into the parking lot, where the car is loaded on a special platform. After that, the platform, along with the car, independently drives into a marked parking space. Then the focus begins: the platform on which the car is standing, leans back about 30 degrees.

Thus, cars are placed almost vertically, due to which there are more parking spaces in the room. It is noted that the new solution has increased the parking capacity from 24 to 40 positions. By the way, representatives of the project make a great emphasis on automation.

“If you want to pick up a car, you enter the parking lot, the parking rack extends automatically, you get into the car, drive away, and the parking rack returns to its original position automatically,” said Chongqing Chaoli High-Tech Co. representative.