Children hijacked two Lamborghini crossovers and smashed them together

Children hijacked two Lamborghini crossovers and smashed them together

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A curious case occurred in the United States. A group of teenagers hijacked two new Lamborgini Urus crossovers and smashed them in the process of pokatushek.

At 3:05 am local time, the Wayland Police Department received a call that an alarm went off in the Boston Lamborghini saloon. A patrol crew was sent to the scene, who noticed a couple of Lamborginini crossovers along with the Chevrolet Cruze sedan following them.

After the police compared all the facts, they made an attempt to stop the “convoy”. However, only Cruze complied with the requirements of the cops – Urus took off at high speed and disappeared.

Orientations were passed on to luxury crossovers, but the driver and passengers of the Cruze were detained: it turned out that there were minors in the car who did not have any documents for the car or a driver’s license. While one of the policemen was sorting out the children, another officer went to the dealership where the alarm went off. On the spot, he saw a broken display case and two empty places, on which, it was not difficult to guess, stood the stolen Lamborghini Urus. Detectives were called to investigate the incident.

After about 5 hours, Wayland police contacted colleagues from the neighboring city of Malden, who reported that both Lamborgini Urus crashed into each other and damaged another car (Kia Soul). One of the hijackers managed to be detained, but the second fled from the scene of an accident.

The stolen Lamborgini Urus suffered noticeable damage in the accident: the white part had a broken front part, and the black one had a front part and a “feed”. But law enforcement officers remained quite their job: as the Wayland Police Department noted, this case was “quickly resolved” due to the well-coordinated communication of response groups and dispatchers of both police departments.