Chief designer Jaguar told about the updated sedan XJ

Chief designer Jaguar told about the updated sedan XJ

October 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Changes in the design of the British executive class sedan Jaguar XJ – this is what many fans are waiting for the brand Jaguar. As part of the Paris Motor Show 2018, foreign journalists were able to interview the chief designer of the company, John Callum.

Yes, the appearance of many models (if not all) of the automobile brand Jaguar can cause quite different emotions – someone likes it, and someone finds it … a bit strange. Since 1999, the same person has been in charge of developing the exterior / interior of all cars in the British premium brand – Ian Callum.

At the international motor show held in Paris these days, the current chief designer Jaguar has told foreign journalists about what changes will occur with the current style of the brand and with the model Jaguar XJ in particular. At the auto show was shown a commemorative version of the new Jaguar XJ – exactly 50 years ago, at the same auto show, representatives of the British automaker for the first time showed their executive class sedan.

Mr. Callum mentioned that the new version of the Jaguar XJ sedan will be a huge step forward for the company – he noted that there will be more changes in the car than in the case of the new generation of the German sedan BMW 3 Series of the new generation.

Moreover, the car will receive a lot more updates than its German competitor! As for the size of the car, it seems they will remain as impressive as before.

In addition, Ian Callum said that the next version of the XJ sedan will be very beautiful, sports – the car will get a “smooth body”. “The exterior of the model, like its interior, must be such that people want to get into this car,” he added.

Jan Callum was also asked about the new version of the F-Type Roadster, to which he said that the brand management has no clear plans for this yet. He said he personally prefers the upcoming F-Type to be an electric vehicle with a medium powertrain, just like the C-X75 Concept.