Chevy Suburban turned into a camper to relax

Chevy Suburban turned into a camper to relax

February 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The full-size SUV Chevrolet Suburban did an excellent job with camper functions. The car has got a roof, a berth and even a shower.

A resident of San Diego put up for sale camper Chevy Suburban. For his motorhome, he asks for 25,000 dollars. For a 12-year-old car with a mileage of 125,000 miles, this is decent money. The SUV receives a roof with a sliding cover made of composite fiberglass, thick insulation and LED backlight, writes the foreign portal In the car interior, all free space is competently and profitably used. There is not enough space, but we managed to place everything necessary on the road – from an autonomous heater to a refrigerator.

There was even a place for a makeshift queen-size bed. This platform is easy to remove without tools. Capacious storage boxes are located under the bed, where you can transport, for example, various sports equipment. There’s even a shower, a five gallon water tank and a sink.

Chevy Suburban improved off-road qualities with off-road tires and an upgraded suspension. The brake pads and rotors are new here, and the seller has also recently changed the windshield.

 The motor home turned out, of course, very Spartan, but comfortable and multifunctional.