Chevy releases Camaro special edition, but only for Japan

Chevy releases Camaro special edition, but only for Japan

January 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company is going to release a limited edition version of its Camaro sports coupe – the new version will receive the designation Heritage Edition. The car will be sold only in the domestic market of Japan.

Chevy has just announced plans to introduce an exclusive version of its sports model Camaro 2020 model year in the Japanese market. The novelty, called the Heritage Edition Camaro, boasts a unique body painting scheme and a limited edition.

According to representatives of the American automaker, a total of 100 copies of the special edition will be released. Of which 30 pieces will be in the LT version, 20 will be convertibles and 40 of them are modifications of the SS. All cars in the Heritage Edition series boast an exclusive Rally Green Metallic body paint, which contrasts with white stripes on the hood. Chevy’s Japan office will begin accepting orders for the Heritage Edition Camaro starting January 10, 2020, with shipments scheduled for next summer.
The most affordable LT RS Camaro Heritage Edition will cost 5,650,000 yen. The Heritage Edition Camaro SS is already priced at 7,480,000 yen.

 I want to separately note the appearance of the sports coupe 2020 model year. When in 2019, an American manufacturer introduced the updated Camaro, this caused a real commotion among fans of this iconic model. The style, of course, is controversial – whether you like it or not, the company has received so many negative comments regarding the Camaro exterior that they quickly redesigned it.