Chevy Ponderosa SUV got a new life

Chevy Ponderosa SUV got a new life

August 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Trucks are becoming increasingly popular recently, so Rtech decided to focus on classic cars, creating a mixture of a classic retro SUV with modern technology.

This model, created by Rtech Fabrications and named Ponderosa, is a 1966 Chevrolet Crew Cab pickup truck. The truck was created literally from scratch and is based on a strong chassis in 1972, and the body is painted in double color with the classic Chevrolet grille. The truck was also equipped with original factory bumpers, baseboards and a winch with a lifting capacity of more than 5.4 tons. The retro design of the car is also saved in the cabin. – the GLAS portal reports.

The interior has a white dashboard, sensors and green seats made of fabric or vinyl, simulating seats made in the 60s. It is worth noting that the car also has built-in Bluetooth, a center console that can be customized for you, as well as a navigator. The body was borrowed from the Chevrolet. The 1996 Ram pickup truck borrowed a 5.9-liter diesel engine. The power section of the car was also completely rebuilt.

It was installed many additions to the engine, making it even more powerful, thanks to which it is able to develop power of approximately 550 horsepower and reach 1300 rpm of torque. The truck has a 5-speed automatic transmission. 20-inch wheels with 37-inch tires and high stiff suspension add power to this unit.