Chevy introduced the new crate engine LS427 / 570

Chevy introduced the new crate engine LS427 / 570

June 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On the official website of the American automaker appeared information about the new crate engine. The novelty, which received the designation LS427 / 570, boasts a power of 570 hp.

The American company Chevy talked about its new high-performance engine LS427 / 570 – a 7.0-liter 570-horsepower V-shaped “eight”, which is based on the well-known motor LS7 V8. The latest equipped sports coupe Corvette generation C6 in a more powerful version of the Z06, as well as the Chevy Camaro Z / 28. According to representatives of the automaker, thanks to a large number of various upgrades, the new Chevy LS427 / 570 has more performance than its predecessors.

The American automaker will sell this engine fully assembled – with all the necessary components and assemblies. I must say that the possibility of acquiring such “ready-made” solutions is a dream for many really cool tuning projects.

To improve the existing LS7 engine, GM engineers added a new camshaft, valve springs, forged crankshafts, titanium connecting rods and a low-profile intake manifold to its design.

Thanks to this, it was possible to increase the engine power from 505 (C6 Z06) to 570 hp. A comprehensive modernization of the LS427 / 570 engine means that the new 7.0-liter “beast” as once better suits your goals and objectives, when assembling a completely insane car.

LS427 / 570 is the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in the line of similar engines of the GM concern. Its creators declares that this engine is intended for racing cars, and intends to make it so that it is used for its intended purpose, that is, it could not be installed in an ordinary car that moves along public roads.

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