Chevy Camaro Chief Engineer Joins Electric Vehicle Team

Chevy Camaro Chief Engineer Joins Electric Vehicle Team

December 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The next generation of General Motors electric cars will get sports car handling. This is due to the fact that the chief engineer of Chevrolet Camaro Al Oppenheiser leaves his team, and goes into the division of electric vehicles. Oppenheiser’s new role will be as chief engineer concentrating on zero-emission vehicles, and he will start work in January.

Representatives of General Motors noted that the company collects the best personnel for the electrical division. And the chief engineer of the Camaro will not work on the future Camaro with an electric motor, but on a whole line of cars.

“I thought I couldn’t live without my team, but I’m equally happy to be part of the future,” – Oppenheiser said, leaving the Camaro team and joining the EV development team. Oppenheiser became the chief engineer of Camaro in 2007 and led the development of the Camaro for the past two generations.

Mark Dickens will take on the role of Oppenheiser, who leads the Camaro engineering development. He is currently the executive director of GM for parts, accessories and motor racing.