Chevrolet will show Colorado ZR2 concept at the Los Angeles auto show

Chevrolet will show Colorado ZR2 concept at the Los Angeles auto show

November 15, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

At the auto show in Los Angeles, which will start in the coming days, the Chevrolet will bring a new and modern concept recently released pickup Colorado 2. This concept has received prefix ZR2.

Meanwhile, the difference of modern new modification from the original is that the car is much better prepared for the off-road. The model have upgraded front and rear sections of the body.

As a result, developers can increase a few degrees angles exit/entry. These indicators in a Z71 series constitute the 31/25 degrees respectively (in the enhanced series are 22.7/30.7 degrees). Auto become wider by 10 cm.

Ground clearance increased by 5 cm. This version is equipped with a new engine running on diesel to pair with a six-speed automatic.

The vehicle is equipped with a 2.8-liter Duramax engine production at 183 hp (Torque 500 Nm). Vehicle equipped with 18-inch wheels and tires (275/65), which are much better than the original factory, perfectly suitable for off-road driving.

At front placed the towing noose. Front towing placed the noose. It is worth mentioning King dampers with increased step course, a full-size spare tire, which is located in the cargo compartment, 121-inch rack proprietary jack.

Two months later representatives of the Chevrolet was presented a different version of Colorado Sport. The features of this prototype was the 21-inch wheels, a stabilizer, which is activated in case of abrupt turns lateral stability, the system to attachment objects, which are large in size.