Chevrolet Tracker switched to 3-cylinder turbo, while Trailblazer’s rivals RAV4 instead of Fortuner

Chevrolet Tracker switched to 3-cylinder turbo, while Trailblazer’s rivals RAV4 instead of Fortuner

April 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the Shanghai Motor Show debuted two new SUVs Chevrolet. One of the crosses will definitely become a global model, the second one risks being a Chinese “exclusive”.

The status of the “world” SUV is the second generation Tracker – this car will appear not only in China, but also in the countries of South America, the States, as well as in Asia. With the new Trailblazer the situation is still incomprehensible. The fact is that in some markets (for example, in Brazil and Thailand) under this name they sell a frame SUV, the closest relative of which is the Colorado pickup. Trailblazer introduced in Shanghai has nothing to do with that all-terrain vehicle – it is a small cross with a monocoque body. So if such a SUV and get out of the Middle Kingdom, then his name will surely change.

In general, there is practically no official information about the second Tracker and the new Trailblazer, Chevrolet only limited its design description: both crosses made their debut in the Sport version of Redline, its features are red accents on the body, black emblems and wheels (both of them are 17-inch). At the same time, the doors of the cars are locked, the salons will be declassified later.

Thus, for the time being it is necessary to focus on rumors, previously replicated by the Chinese media, and on the characteristics laid out by the local certification authority. According to preliminary data, the basis of both SUVs is a new platform (the former Tracker is built on the Gamma II Jam’s platform). Chevrolet Tracker with the change of generations has grown: the length is increased by 15 mm to 4270 mm, the wheelbase is now equal to 2570 mm (also 15 mm more than its predecessor). The dimensions of the Trailblazer are not yet known, but in profile this crossover resembles the Buick Encore GX that debuted the day before – it’s possible that the cars are unified. Buick has a length of 4463 mm, the distance between the axes – 2640 mm.

At the base of the Ministry of Industry of China, only one motor was declared for the new Tracker – the petrol 3-cylinder turbo 1.0 with a return of 116 hp. But some local profile media still trick the crossover 1.3 three-cylinder turbo engine with a return of 165 hp The same engines are provided for the Buick Encore / Encore GX. In Buick motors are combined with a nine-speed automatic gearbox or a CVT, apparently, the same boxes will go to Tracker. The new Trailblazer is also likely to receive the above-mentioned engines and transmissions. For both new Chevrolet four-wheel drive.

Depending on the market, the engine range of the previous Tracker includes petrol “turbo-four” 1.4 (140 hp) and aspirated 1.8 (140 hp), 1.6 turbo diesel (135 hp). Well, the frame Trailblazer in Brazil, for example, can be bought with a 2.8 turbo diesel (200 hp) or a petrol V6 3.6 (279 hp).

In China, sales of new Chevrolet will start before the end of this year, their release will be adjusted at the local joint venture plant of concerns General Motors and SAIC. The tracker there will compete with Hyundai Creta (the “Korean” will also soon replace the generation) and Ford EcoSport, and for some reason, the Chinese media recorded the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V for the Trailblazer rivals, although the Japanese are larger.