Chevrolet patented weird brake discs

Chevrolet patented weird brake discs

September 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In several places on the surface of the rotor brand logos are carved

The publication Car and Driver has discovered a patent application for the creation of branded brake discs Chevrolet. Their feature is decorative inserts on the rotor and the central part of the disk in the form of a brand logo.

From the application it follows that “you need to provide a method for efficient and long-term labeling of components without excessive costs for the production process or the deterioration of their quality.” However, journalists criticized the idea, calling it bad taste and comparing it with “fake plastic air intakes of the classic Buicks”.

However, the fact that Chevrolet has patented its idea does not mean that it will be realized. For example, earlier Ford presented several ideas at once to turn an ordinary car into a “movie theater on wheels”.

Then the company emphasized that the patent application is a standard practice for automakers. The fact that such a technology is being developed does not guarantee that it will necessarily be implemented on production vehicles.