Chevrolet Orlando second generation: new details and photos

Chevrolet Orlando second generation: new details and photos

July 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The second-generation compact-car will be available in two versions – standard and “exported”. The model will enter the market this year.

Last week Chevrolet company distributed official images of a new van designed for China. Local name of the novelty – Wolanduo, under this name in the Celestial will be sold compact van Orlando second generation, and in a new quality – the model is now positioned as a crossover. Note, Orlando’s first generation in this country was not represented. On the pictures provided by the manufacturer, the cross was recorded in the “exported” version of Redline, now in the base of the Ministry of Industry of China there were photos of the standard model.

Features of the Redline modification: red decorative elements on the front bumper, painted in black emblems of the brand, exterior mirrors and rims. The interior of the new Orlando has not yet been shown – neither “exported” nor standard. Most likely, the interior of the Redline version also has red accents.

The first-generation Chevrolet Orlando is built on the Delta platform, which also underlies the former Cruze. It is not yet known whether this platform has retained a new cross-over. The length of the second generation model is 4 684 mm, which is 32 mm larger than the predecessor, the width of the novelty is 1,807 mm (-29 mm in comparison with the old Orladno), the height is 1,628 mm (-5 mm), the wheelbase is – 2 796 mm (+36 mm). The new Chevy will be available in five- and seven-seater versions.

By the way, the size of the wheelbase of the second Orlando is the same as that of the compact Buick GL6. The latest model, according to rumors, is unified with the Opel Zafira – van Buick developed back in those days when the Opel was owned by General Motors. It is possible that GL6 became a donor for Orlando’s new generation. The other dimensions of Buick: 4 692/1 794/1 626 mm.

In the Chinese market Orlando will be offered with a gasoline turbo LI6 1.3, familiar to other local models of the concern of General Motors. At the cross-motor the engine produces 156 hp, it works in pair with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. The drive is front only. The Buick GL6 is also equipped with a LI6 1.3T engine, but with a power output of 163 hp.

According to preliminary data, the production of Chevrolet Orlando of a new generation will be established in China at the joint venture JV GM and SAIC. To the Chinese dealers the model will get in the third quarter of this year. While there is no information on GM’s plans to sell a new cross-country in other countries.

Recall, the first Orlando has already left most of the markets for the brand. Compact van released in Korea, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. The main platform for the model was a plant in Korean Kunsan (in the remaining countries – a screwdriver assembly), but more recently the enterprise was closed.

Among the countries in which Orlando the first generation is still present – Korea and Vietnam, apparently, there are selling leftovers. Koreans van is available with a diesel engine of 1.6 (134 hp) and a 2.0 engine (140 hp) running on gas, both are combined with a 6-speed automatic transmission. In Vietnam, the model is presented with an atmospheric engine 1.8 (140 hp), which is completed with 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission.