Chevrolet Orlando-2019: a new market, turbo-tread and prices are lower than those of competitors

Chevrolet Orlando-2019: a new market, turbo-tread and prices are lower than those of competitors

September 21, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

Concern General Motors announced the start of sales of the second generation Chevrolet compact car. While the model is available only in one country.

The new Orlando is represented in China, the local name of the “five-door” – Wolanduo. It is interesting that the model of the first generation in this country was not sold. Apparently, the fashion for the Venus in the Middle Kingdom and pushed General Motors to expand the line of Chevrolet. Production of new items is established in China, at the joint venture joint venture GM and SAIC.

As noted in GM, the exterior of the compact is based on the conceptual SUV FNR-X, debuted in April last year. However, of the total they only “grin” the grille and the shape of the front bumper. The Chinese model will be offered, including in the “certified” version of Redline, its features – red inserts on the bumper, painted in black Chevy emblems, exterior mirrors and rims.

The length of the compact is 4684 mm, which is 32 mm larger than the predecessor. The width of the model of the second generation is 1807 mm (-29 mm in comparison with the old Orlando), the height is 1628 mm (-5 mm), the wheelbase is 2796 mm (+36 mm). In GM did not tell about the platform of the machine (at the heart of the first Orlando is the platform Delta). Between the size of the wheelbase of the new Orlando is the same as that of the compact car of another brand belonging to the auto giant, the Buick GL6 (4692/1794/1626 mm). It is possible that “Buick” and became a donor for the novelty of Chevrolet. GL6 itself, according to unofficial information, is unified with the Opel Zafira – van Buick was developed back in those days when the Opel was owned by General Motors.

The new Orlando is available in seven-seater performance, and the third-row seats from the salon can not be removed – they can only be folded. In GM, this format is called 5 + 2. The second-row sofa is divided in a proportion of 60:40, it is on a sled and moves back and forth. With the folded backs of the seats of the third row, the volume of the trunk is 479 liters, if you add both rows, this figure increases to 1520 liters (the maximum volume of the old Orlando is 1487 liters). The list of equipment of the model includes: LED optics, climate control, cruise control, emergency braking and monitoring systems for blind areas, a rear-view camera, tire pressure sensors, parking sensors.

Compact is equipped with a gasoline turbo four 1.3 Ecotec, familiar to other models of GM, which are designed for the Chinese market. For example, the same motor is laid and Buick GL6. By the way, previously it was assumed that the engine Orlando produces 156 hp, but after the official presentation it was revealed that the power is 163 hp. (230 Nm) – as well as the Buick GL6. The motor works in a pair of six-speed manual or automatic transmission, the drive – only the front. The line of engines of the old Orlando included gasoline “fours” plus diesel engines.

The Chevrolet Orlando price ranged from 119,900 to 154,900 yuan. The main contenders of the new Chevy are the Volkswagen Touran L, Honda Jade and, in fact, the Buick GL6, and the seven-seat version is only for the “German” (the other two models have a maximum of six seats). Nevertheless, competitors are more expensive: the VW compact car in China will cost a minimum of 155,800 yuan, the Won of Honda costs 129,900 yuan, and the price of GL6 starts at 141,900 yuan

In General Motors has not yet announced plans to sell the new Orlando outside of China. The first generation compact car already left most markets for Chevrolet, it was produced in Korea, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. The main platform for the model was a plant in Korean Kunsan (in the rest of the world – a screwdriver assembly), but recently the plant was closed. Meanwhile, here and there the first Orlando is still present – for example, in Vietnam, where, apparently, the leftovers are sold.