Chevrolet Onix family radically transformed for Brazil

Chevrolet Onix family radically transformed for Brazil

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Brazilian prices for the new product are already known: for a hatchback you will have to pay from 51 590 reais, and the base sedan was estimated at 58 790 reais

Chevrolet Onix changed its generation and moved to a new platform: the GM Gamma II platform was replaced by the more modern GM GEM (Global Emerging Markets). In the spring, a sedan from this family was introduced in the Celestial Empire, but now in Brazil the whole range of hatchback and sedan was unveiled. Chevrolet Onix in the sedan, by the way, received the prefix “Plus” in the title. The engine range of the new Onyx includes a 116-hp turbo three-cylinder engine, as well as an 82-hp engine.

A six-speed automatic is provided for the turbo engine. It is with this pair that Chevrolet Onix sales will begin. A little later, they will make up the company “aspirated” with a manual gearbox. The first hundred Onix Plus sedan with a turbo engine dials in just 9.7 seconds.

 With the change of generation, Onix became lighter and stronger, and also received a rich list of electronic assistance systems. Among them – the system of starting on the rise and an electronic stabilization system, traction control, tire pressure sensor, speed limiter and much more. Buyers of the top version of the novelty receive spotlight type headlights, wireless charging for gadgets, as well as the opportunity to choose the interior color scheme: black with gray or black with a warm “caramel” shade. Also, the new Onix has more space for second-row passengers. The new Onix will expand the geography of sales: Mexico will be added to Brazil and China very soon.

Meanwhile, it became known that the Chevrolet Malibu sedan will remain without a hybrid configuration. Unfortunately, there is no such version in the list of available modifications of the Malibu 2020 model year.