Chevrolet Onix budget sedan: a new life of the old Cruze

Chevrolet Onix budget sedan: a new life of the old Cruze

March 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese division of General Motors introduced a new compact sedan Onix, which in the future will become a global model.

If in North America and Europe, General Motors suffered a defeat in the mass passenger car segment and has almost left it, in China and South America low-cost sedans and hatchbacks continue to bring it profit. In Brazil, for example, last year, the Onix subcompact hatchback became the absolute bestseller – 210,458 copies were sold, while the most successful Chevrolet model in China was the compact Cavalier sedan – 252,108 units were sold (13th place in the ranking of the best-selling new cars).

This week, the Brazilian division of GM announced that the name Onix will become global, and the Chinese have published the first photo of the Onyx of a new generation, which actually turned out to be a slightly redesigned compact Cavalier sedan of 2016, and on the Chinese consumer site Chevrolet the new product is also placed in the Cavalier section. Actually, in China, the presentation of Onyx has already passed, and local media, in particular, have visited it, however, the interior is still classified. The new Onix went to the public in a spectacular Redline sporty body kit on black 16-inch cast wheels, but with drum rear brakes. Outside of Cavalier, it differs, in essence, only by new lighting technology and a slightly increased false radiator grille.

Unfortunately, new official information about the technology after the publication of the teaser earlier this week did not appear, but the Chinese colleagues, who looked under the bottom of the car, claim that this is still the same Cavalier, and not a completely new model, according to GM. Recall that the Cavalier is built on the shortened Delta platform from the first-generation Chevrolet Cruze and has a wheelbase of 2600 mm. The same base is on Onyx, but in length (4474 mm) it is 70 mm shorter than the Cavalier, and the width has decreased by 49 mm to 1730 mm. Height, on the contrary, increased by 4 mm to 1,471 mm. All these minor dimensional adjustments were needed, obviously, in order to more accurately position Onix in the close Chinese model range Chevrolet, where now there are already three compact sedans – the Cruze, Monza and, in fact, Onix, and Cavalier, which was replaced by Onix formally, also, most likely, for some time delayed in the product line.

It is known that the Chinese Onix will be offered with two petrol engines to choose from: an atmospheric volume of 1.3 liters (103 hp) and a supercharged volume of 1.0 liters (116 hp). About transmissions yet no information.

Onix will be available this summer, and it is expected to cost slightly less than Cavalier, for which at least 79,900 yuan is being asked for.