Chevrolet may release crossover Camaro EV

Chevrolet may release crossover Camaro EV

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Times change, but the battle of the Camaro against the Mustang should not end.

In a world where the Ford Mustang officially became the four-door electric crossover with the very controversial name Mach-E Mustang, anything can happen. By the way, amid disputes over the name of the new electro-cross, a petition was created, which was filed by Mustang and enthusiast Jimmy Dinsmore. Dokumnet has already collected almost 12,000 signatures in order for Ford to remove the Mustang brand from this car.

As for the Chevrolet, sales of the Camaro sports car have fallen significantly in the last couple of years, and although no official statements have been made, it is rumored that the model will die in the next few years. In connection with these sad thoughts, the question arises – could GM give its legendary car a second third chance to live as a crossover?

This is a million dollar literal question that GM must ask right now. Independent designers have developed a render of the exclusive Camaro crossover. The novelty received a coupe-crossover body with a 5-seater interior and looks very harmonious.

Thus, breaking the basic Camaro formula Р2 + 2, the two-door coupe is not a complete reboot, which Ford is trying to do with the Mustang Mach-E. In fact, the only things that change in the Camaro’s basic formula are additional bodywork and four-wheel drive.

Electricity will also be the starting point for the Camaro, but as with the Mustang, various engines have appeared and disappeared throughout the history of the Camaro. Switching to electricity is inevitable, but one of the main problems that we have heard from enthusiasts is that electric cars look similar. However, this rendering depicts something much more massive.