Chevrolet may refuse to release Camaro

Chevrolet may refuse to release Camaro

June 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This information was spread by foreign insiders. In the concern itself, such gloomy forecasts concerning the future fate of the Chevrolet Camaro are not clearly commented. There was no confirmation or denial.

The American concern General Motors may cease production of the Chevrolet Camaro. Such information began to appear in the specialized automotive media. It is explained that the brand management does not see prospects for the next generation of the model after 2023. In GM itself, commenting on the current situation, they said that the company is not going to “engage in speculation.” At the same time, the concern recalled the announced updates that will appear in the Camaro line-up this fall. All of them are focused on customer requests and make car management more enjoyable.

For example, the new LT1 model will offer customers the power of the V8 with the design and availability of the LT modification. In turn, the owner of several prestigious awards – the SS version – will receive a new front panel from the Camaro Shock concept.

The comment is, of course, interesting, but nothing concrete was said about the future life cycle of the Camaro. Judging by the latest sales, the prospects for this car are pretty bleak: since the release of the sixth generation Camaro in 2016, the interest of buyers to the model has decreased. Last year, dealers managed to attach less than 51,000 of these cars. Experts say this year is the worst since 2009, when the Camaro was revived. The first three months of 2019 failed to radically change this trend.

GM’s marketing department is likely to have to carefully examine the demand for the model during the current year. If sales crawl up, the Camaro is waiting for a sequel. Otherwise, experts’ forecasts will come true.