Chevrolet is preparing an electric Bolt: this is how it can look

Chevrolet is preparing an electric Bolt: this is how it can look

July 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In November last year, the concern General Motors decided to accelerate a large-scale business restructuring – to reduce staff more strongly, to optimize production more radically. The changes affected, among other things, the policy on environmentally friendly cars.

Thus, the release of a rechargeable hybrid Chevrolet Volt turned off, and resources redirected to the development of autonomous and all-electric cars. In April 2019, colleagues from the American edition of Motor1 found an application for registration of the Bolt EUV trademark in the US patent office. Indirectly, this hints at preparing for the release of a crossover on batteries based on the compact Bolt model. There are very few details about this project so far, but our designers have presented how such a SUV could look like, get into the series now.

We assume that the Chevrolet will try to dress the electric crossover into an original body that looks like a serial hatchback with just a few details. Much more in the appearance of the promising Bolt EUV will be elements from a fresh Blazer model – narrow headlights, faceted style, an abundance of horizontal lines, visually increasing the width of the car.

By the way, the Bolt EUV name registration took place a month after General Motors announced plans to start producing the next all-electric car at the plant in Orion, Michigan, for which they invested $ 300 million in the modernization of the enterprise. At the same time, representatives of the concern have mentioned that the promising machine will receive the Chevrolet emblem and will be built on an improved Bolt platform. The logical step in this situation is to enter the most promising segment for today – crossovers. And then EUV easily stands for Electric Utility Vehicle.

In general, the plans of General Motors for electric vehicles are ambitious – by 2023 the concern promises to prepare 20 cars on batteries. Therefore, the registration of the name Bolt EUV has generated rumors that under the brand name Chevrolet will release a whole family of battery models. And since even in America, electric cars are still being taken coolly, then the release of a bright new crossover for many people can be a powerful argument to try an electric car in everyday life.