Chevrolet is going to release more than 20,000 Corvette

Chevrolet is going to release more than 20,000 Corvette

May 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Last week, Chevrolet announced that the Corvette C8 2021 model year would cost from $ 60,000. Production of the 2021 model should start on November 2 of this year.

In turn, the release of Corvette 2020 should resume next week, and Corvette Convertible – July 20. And as on Sunday, May 31, CorvetteBlogger profile blog reported, the American company intends to release a total of 20,181 copies of Corvette.

  This number includes previously built cars ordered by car dealers, including the Corvette Convertible. Given this, Chevrolet will have to produce about 17 thousand more. until November 2 of this year.

 The indicator seems unattainable, however, CorvetteBlogger made a calculation according to which it is quite possible to achieve this volume of production. So, in 22 weeks with a production volume of 460 cars per week when working in one shift, the brand’s venture in Kentucky can produce 10,120 units. Corvette. But after the introduction of an additional 8-hour shift from July 20, this result will increase to 17,000. by November.

It turns out that the production of 20,000 units. Corvette of the current model year is a completely surmountable task, of course, if the coronavirus does not adversely affect the situation.

In addition, the Chevrolet Corvette, turned into a station wagon, was recently put up for sale. This car was estimated at 15,000 dollars