Chevrolet has updated the crossover Trax

Chevrolet has updated the crossover Trax

November 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The subcompact crossover Chevrolet Trax was first shown in 2012, and has already left some markets, but in the United States, despite its high age, it is still a success.

Chevrolet Trax is the closest relative of the well-known Opel Mokka SUV in our country, which was bought from us quite well in pre-crisis times: in 2014, for example, 22,763 units were sold. Due to the flight of GM from the Russian Federation in 2015, Trax / Tracker did not manage to make a career in our country, although it sold surprisingly well in the United States, where it debuted with a three-year delay.

Thus, it is too early to write off the Chevrolet Trax, although, in particular, in the Celestial Empire, it was replaced by two models at once – the Groove and the new Tracker. It looks like neither the Groove nor the new Tracker will appear in the US, here the bet is on the Chevrolet Bolt EUV electric cross, and those who need a small gasoline SUV will still be offered the old Trax. Note that the GM Authority resource, on which insider information about upcoming Chevrolet updates regularly pops up, emphasizes that in the 2021 model year, the American Trax will receive a new engine: 1.4 LUV (140 hp, 200 Nm) will be replaced by 1.4 LE2 (155 hp, 240 Nm), the restyled crossover has already been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The transmission will remain the same – a 6-speed hydromechanical automatic transmission. Drive – front or full.

With the new Trax powertrain in the starter configuration, the LS will go up just a hundred dollars to $ 21,400. What makes Americans buy Chevrolet Trax in large quantities is not known, because its driving characteristics were presented in the press, to put it mildly, without enthusiasm.