Chevrolet Bolt Gets An Elongated Brother

Chevrolet Bolt Gets An Elongated Brother

May 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Opel Ampera-e, Astra and Insignia are a relic of the “old” Opel, which worked under the wing of General Motors. Although the electric Ampera-e is unlikely to linger on the market for long, the Chevrolet Bolt electric car has not yet been successful.

A new series of spy photos shows a disguised Chevrolet, which has reserved a place in the showrooms next to the electric Bolt. This is a slightly broader alternative to Bolt, reports Although the car still hides camouflage, interesting details can be seen. The ascending shoulder line, among other things, suggests that we are dealing with an already known model.

In China, General Motors will soon launch the Velite 7, an all-electric compact crossover with Bolt technology on board. Although this car has not yet been officially unveiled, the first photos of the model were made public earlier this year. Therefore, the spatially oriented brother Bolt, which will be launched in the United States later this year, does not seem to be much larger than the variant of this Velite 7.

This EV crossover is expected to be available with an electric power plant with a capacity of 204 hp. and 360 Nm of torque. Thanks to the 66 kWh battery, Bolt is currently able to drive 416 kilometers on a single charge according to the American EPA method. The Velite 7 is about 10 cm longer than the Bolt, and its wheelbase is 8 cm larger. Undoubtedly, the Chevrolet shown in these photos is also a little stronger than its brother. His debut is slated for later this year.