Chevrolet and workwear maker team up to launch a special pickup truck

Chevrolet and workwear maker team up to launch a special pickup truck

November 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

We are talking about a heavy pickup Silverado HD, for which they prepared a special version called “Carhartt Special Edition”. In all its glory, cars will present at the SEMA show starting today.

Chevrolet and American factory Carhartt are about to launch a special version of the Silverado pickup truck. The concept, which debuted three years ago, pushed to create a novelty. Such a pickup truck boasts a rich set of options and additional equipment, a spectacular off-road package and original design elements. The basis for the new items was the Silverado 2500 LTZ in the top version with a two-row cab. From him, the novelty adopted the off-road Z71 options and Rancho off-road shock absorbers. The car body was painted in a stylish shade of “black metallic”, diluting this strict color with gold lines that successfully beat the Carhartt logo.

In addition to the color, you can distinguish a special version from the usual model by a slot on the hood, modified bumpers and a chrome insert on the radiator grille. Also, a pickup from the special series was equipped with a special platform that was covered with wear-resistant material with the Carhartt logo.

Salon pickup Carhartt Special Edition gets seats with leather trim, made in two-tone colors – black and brown. All this is complemented by the original stitching and embossing of the head restraints.

 Recall that the Chevrolet brand and workwear manufacturer Carhartt began to cooperate three years ago. In anticipation of SEMA 2016, they prepared a concept pickup truck in the same black and gold color. The audience enthusiastically accepted the new product, but it never got to the conveyor. But the Chevrolet Silverado Carhartt Special Edition will still fall into the hands of buyers: its sales plan to begin next fall. The news will be premiered at SEMA 2019, which will begin its work today.

Meanwhile, on a road test noticed a new generation Ford F-150 pickup. They are going to present the new product next year.