Chery’s third crossover subbrand: the largest and most expensive in the line

Chery’s third crossover subbrand: the largest and most expensive in the line

February 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Photos of the test prototype of the Jetour flagship SUV appeared on the Web. The model should go on sale already this year.

At the beginning of 2018, Chery introduced another sub-brand – Jetour. The brand is aimed at a youth audience, its first-born was the X70 crossover, built on the basis of Chery Tiggo 8 (both models are based on a platform with a rear multi-lever). Full sales of the “seventies” started in China in September, in November, he had a “challenged” version, featuring external décor and a completely redesigned interior. Last month, sales of the second model began in China – the full-size X90 off-road vehicle. And by the autumn of 2019, customers will be offered a third SUV – the flagship X95. Photos of the last cross posted in the local social network Weibo.

Judging by the pictures, the X90 was taken as the basis for the Jetour X95. The dimensions of the older crossover are not yet known, but, according to Chinese media reports, it is still larger than the donor. The length of the Jetour X90 is 4840 mm, the wheelbase is 2850 mm. For comparison, the length of the X70 is 4720 mm (the “sporty” version is 30 mm longer), the distance between the axes is 2745 mm. The X95 SUV received uncharacteristic headlights for the rest of the brand’s crosses, plus the flagship has round fog instead of LED rectangles. Another feature is the chrome-plated line.

Inside the Jetour, the X95 almost repeats the X90, but the screen of the multimedia system has become larger, additional buttons have appeared below it, and the virtual dashboard has changed shape. Jetour X70 and X90 crossovers are available in five-, six- and seven-seater versions, the flagship is likely to have the same versions.

According to preliminary information, the X95 engines also got from the donor SUV – these are the gasoline turbo four (index E4T15B) and 1.6 (F4J16) with a power of 147 and 197 hp. respectively. The X90 combines the first motor with a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic transmission, the second works in tandem with a seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. For the X70, only a basic 1.5 liter turbo slider is provided. Four-wheel drive is neither the X70 nor the X90, so the flagship version 4WD most likely will not have all-wheel drive crossovers in China do not enjoy special demand.

Jetour X95 will be the most expensive SUV in the range of the brand, although the price list should still please buyers. So, the youngest X70 in China today costs from 69,900 yuan, the price of the X90 starts from 79,900 yuan. But for the kindred Chery Tiggo 8 you need to pay at least 98,800 yuan.

By the way, a more humane price tag was probably the reason why the Jetour X70 in China turned out to be more popular than the Tiggo 8: the first model in September-December 2018 sold 40 009 copies in the country, while the Chery crossover found in the same period 32,095 owners.

Outside the China Jetour cars do not plan to sell.