Chery’s second premium subbrand crossover: traditional body and interior for Mercedes

Chery’s second premium subbrand crossover: traditional body and interior for Mercedes

December 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sub-brand Exeed firm Chery introduced in China in November of this year. The brand is considered to be premium, the cars produced under it must compete with the models Wey (owned by Great Wall) and Lynk & Co (a joint project of Geely and Volvo). The Exeed’s firstborn was the TXL crossover: this SUV was not yet on sale, but the Chinese are already preparing a second car for the premiere – and again the SUV. Snapshots of the test prototype published edition Autohome.

If TXL is built on the basis of last year’s Chery Exeed TX concept, then the design of the second cross will be based on the Chery Exeed LX show car, which debuted in April 2018 at the Beijing Auto Show. The latter, we recall, is an upgraded version of another concept – Chery Tiggo Coupe, which was shown last year in Shanghai.

The Exeed LX has a coupe body, central pillars are missing, the rear doors swing open against the direction of travel. In the embodiment of this commodity will not be – from the body “coupe” and “suicidal” doors refused. But the front bumper is almost the same as the Exeed LX. Note that the car on spy photos is clearly not native lights (still this is a test sample). By the way, last month a photo of the layout of the new Exeed SUV was posted on the Web – its optics is almost the same as that of the prototype. The same crossover salon was designed in the style of Mercedes-Benz models: the Chinese car received a virtual dashboard combined with a touch screen of a multimedia system.

On the “stuffing” of the Exeed LX concept in Chery, they did not tell, so it is not yet known with what installation they will offer its product realization. Chinese media reported that the cross can get a fully electric version, although the first to enter the market are cars with ICE. According to unofficial data, the SUV will go on sale under the TS index. The novelty will get to local dealers next year.

At the heart of the Exeed TXL crossover is the new Chery platform with independent rear suspension, the platform called the M3X. This model will be offered with a petrol turbo four 1.6T GDI with a capacity of 197 hp, which is paired with a seven-speed robotic box with two clutches. Drive – only front. Most likely, the second SUV of the new sub-brand will have the same engine.

In China, a full-fledged Exeed TXL presentation should take place before the end of this year (for example, the interior of the model has not yet been declassified), it should also be brought to the domestic market in 2019. Chery has not yet announced plans to sell Exeed cars outside the Middle Kingdom. In the future, the company expects to enter the European market, but for the Old World it is likely that they will launch another sub-brand.

Meanwhile, Chery’s experience in creating subsidiary brands for the home market is quite rich, although you can’t call it successful. So, the Rely and Riich brands have long gone into oblivion, and besides, last year the Chinese company got rid of the controlling stakes in Cowin and Qoros. However, the Chery brand continues to produce low-cost vans and minivans today, and more recently, Chery introduced another new sub-brand – Jetour, which is targeted at young people.