Chery will attempt to return to the US market

Chery will attempt to return to the US market

February 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the American car market, Vantas crossovers will be sold.

Chinese carmaker Chery is about to enter the US market again. To do this, the manufacturer entered into an agreement with the HAAH Automotive concern from California. This company was created by Duke Hale, who previously worked in the American subsidiaries of Volvo and Mazda. Recall that the cooperation of these partners began last year – they plan to bring Exeed premium brand cars to Canada.

But for the United States, a special brand was created, called Vantas. First, the Exeed TX goes on sale, and a little later, the full-size Exeed VX SUV gets to dealers. Both models will be sold under the Vantas brand, and their exact name is being kept secret.

At the same time, the HAAH Automotive concern has far-reaching plans – in addition to dealerships, it is going to start local production of Chinese cars.

It has already been announced the creation of new jobs. Most likely, production may begin by the end of the year, and the first production copies will go on sale in 2021. Note that this is Chery’s second attempt to enter the US market. In 2007, the company entered into an agreement with the American Chrysler and was supposed to sell its cars in Mexico under the Dodge brand. However, pretty quickly the contract was terminated – the reason was the low technical level of Chinese cars.