Chery tests the crossover from the new Ehed series

Chery tests the crossover from the new Ehed series

September 24, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Photographs of the camouflaged crossover Chery were at the disposal of the “heavenly” edition of Autohome. The novelty is still known under the intrafactory index T1C. According to the information of the portal, SUV will enter the market in the third quarter of next year, and it will be sold under a new sub-brand Chery-Exeed.

Recall, the forerunner of the new series – the concept Exeed TX (4664/1872/1685 mm, wheelbase – 2697 mm) – the Chinese showed in 2017, and its premiere was held at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As then declared in Chery, the serial model, created based on the prototype, will reach Europe. True, the exact timeframe in the company was not named, confining itself to a streamlined phrase “in the next few years.”

The first commodity cross-country Chery with design, as in Exeed TX, became the seven-seater Tiggo 8, not so long ago released on the home market. The caught SUV – front bumper from the Tiggo 8, but its headlights are different, the lights are clearly got from the Tiggo 5x (export name – Tiggo 4). And the transmission selector of the novelty is exactly the same as that of Exeed TX. However, let’s not forget that we have a test sample before us: the design of the pipeline version can still change.

As reported by Autohome, the new crossover is built on the platform Chery T1X, developed with the fate of Jaguar Land Rover. The same platform underlies the mentioned Tiggo 8 and Tiggo 5x. It is expected that the cross T1C will be offered with a new turbo engine 1.6 (factory index F4J16) with a capacity of 190 or 218 hp, working in tandem with a seven-stage “robot” with a double clutch. The drive, most likely, will only be forward – at least, the soplatformnye Tiggo 8 and Tiggo 5x are available only in versions 4х2.

Meanwhile, the concept Exeed TX is based on a completely new platform Chery M3X, it was designed with the participation of a German company – Benteler. The prototype presented in Frankfurt was an all-wheel-drive rechargeable hybrid (PHEV), which included a petrol turbo engine 1.5 (150 hp), a 116-hp electric motor and a seven-speed robot. Such a cross, according to the manufacturer, accelerates from place to 100 km / h in six seconds, the maximum speed is 200 km / h, and fuel consumption is only 1.8 l / 100 km (according to the NEDC cycle). Only on electric traction Exeed TX will overcome about 70 km.

Also in Chery previously stated that in Europe the serial SUV with the design based on last year’s concept, in addition to the PHEV version, will also receive the “usual” hybrid modification (HEV, without the possibility of recharging from the power grid) and the fully electric (BEV), but details of the last two options the company did not share. Apparently, in the Old World the T1C crossover still does not appear.