Chery Premium Sub-Brand Introduced Serial Exeed TX

Chery Premium Sub-Brand Introduced Serial Exeed TX

January 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The debut model of the new subsidiary of Chery, which, by the way, is aimed at conquering the global market, repeated the prototype of 2017. It is based on the new M3X, created specifically for the Exeed line.

In China, the premiere of the first model of the new sub-brand Chery, which was created as a premium branch of the company, took place. It got its name by the name of the Chery Exeed TX concept. This prototype was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the fall of 2017. The other day, the world community finally saw the production version of the premium crossover. It is planned that the novelty will appear on the home market already at the end of March. Its value is still kept secret.

According to experts, the minimum price for a new SUV will be set at around 150-160 thousand yuan. The main competitors Exeed TX experts called SUV Lynk & Co 01 and Wey VV6.

The model was created on the M3X platform, and its dimensions resemble the Nissan X-Trail. The appearance of the car is not much different from the concept car. While in the cabin of the serial cross now flaunts a new display of the infotainment complex. As the power unit, customers will be offered a single 1.6-liter turbo engine with a power of 197 hp, combined with a seven-step “robot”. In the near future, Exeed TX will receive a manual transmission, all-wheel drive system, as well as a hybrid version.