Chery postponed the presentation of the hybrid crossover Exeed TX for 2020

Chery postponed the presentation of the hybrid crossover Exeed TX for 2020

September 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The debut of the conceptual version of Exeed TX was held last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. After that, the media began to appear information that the first serial hybrid cross European motorists will be able to purchase in 2019. Today, Chery’s management has voiced other deadlines.

The Chinese company Chery has postponed the official debut of its hybrid crossover Exeed TX. Instead of the next year, as promised earlier, the new SUV will appear on the European market only in 2020th. At the same time, it is reported that the manufacturer reserves the right to postpone the presentation once again, if required. It is planned that the first new hybrid cross from Chery will be tested by German motorists. It is with Germany that Exeed TX sales start in Europe.

First, customers will be offered a hybrid version of the novelty, which is capable of driving electric traction 70 kilometers. Over time, Exeed TX will be available in a hybrid version with the ability to recharge, as well as in fully electrical design.

The novelty is designed on the new M3X platform, and its design largely echoes the concept coupe Tiggo Coupe, presented to the public at the motor show in Shanghai in 2017. A rich set of options was also developed for the European market. Among them – modern multimedia with a 10-inch touchscreen, supports Wi-Fi and is able to recognize voices, a system of circular video review, monitoring “blind” zones, and an assistant capable of recognizing driver fatigue and others.