Cheap cars are not only cheaper, but also more reliable: a new study

Cheap cars are not only cheaper, but also more reliable: a new study

May 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The result of the new work from the well-known analytical organization J.D. Power. The results are very unusual, and show that low-cost cars and brands came in first place in terms of reliability, and the premium segment is replete with problems.

Despite the fact that the agency J.D. Power is engaged in the study of international markets, it is very interesting and useful to study their ratings. This time, the TOP of the most reliable cars in Britain was presented, based on the use of car owners for three years. The results are averaged by the number of problems for every hundred cars.

 The most reliable was the Peugeot brand, which accounted for only 77 complaints per hundred cars. The second place went to Skoda with a score of 88 problems. And Hyundai closes the top three with 90 hits for every hundred cars. The fourth and fifth places went to the Nissan and Suzuki brands (94 each). Further, the rating was distributed as follows: Vauxhall (Opel) (95), Kia (101), MINI (103), Ford (104) and Volvo (106).

 The most interesting is that premium brands have gone far from the top positions. Experts note that the survey results did not affect the “seriousness” of the problems. It was considered only their number. That is, a jammed engine and problems with connecting to multimedia via Bluetooth are equivalent.

“When we see the assessments of new security systems, it becomes clear that automakers still have something to work on,” – said J.D. Power European division manager Josh Halliburton.