Charles Leclerc: I need to work on myself

Charles Leclerc: I need to work on myself

March 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Melbourne, in his first race for Ferrari, Charles Leclercfinished fifth. In theory, the speed allowed him to join the fight with a partner, Sebastian Vettel, but the team asked the drivers not to risk in the last rounds of the Grand Prix.

“In my opinion, everyone in the team has the right, very positive psychological attitude, and it needs to be maintained throughout the year,” said Leclaire at the FIA ​​press conference in Bahrain. – Of course, we understand that there is a lot of work ahead, but I believe in the team, that everything possible will be done to increase the speed of the car. I do not think that she has any serious shortcomings, so you just need to look for more precise settings, because the results we showed in Australia do not correspond to the real potential of SF90.

There is confidence that already in Bahrain we will be able to perform better. But in Melbourne I was not too upset, because it was only the first race, and I would finish fourth or fifth, in front of or behind Sebastian – for the team the result would not change, the number of points would be the same.

It is quite obvious that the team did not want to risk it, because if we started to fight with each other, there was a risk of losing even more points. So I quite understand this decision.

Weekend in Melbourne was not easy – after the tests in Barcelona, ​​we expected more. On the other hand, there was a lot of positive, especially since the Australian track can not be called representative of the speed of the machine. This does not mean that we are satisfied with our level, and I am sure that in the break between the races the team worked well, trying to make improvements.

In Australia, there were mistakes on my part, both in qualifying and in the race. I will try not to repeat them here. In the final qualification, I drove the circle is not as good as I would like, and as for the race, you saw on TV, as I flew off the track. It had no effect on the results, I was driving fifth, no one caught up with me, so I did not lose anything. On the other hand, it could have ended much worse, so I need to work on myself. ”