Charles Leclaire: Today is not our day

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Charles Leclaire had a great race weekend in Bahrain, won the qualification, led a significant part of the race, but due to engine problems he finished only third. However, at the same time Charles counts the best lap of the race, and the driver of the day most likely recognizes him.

Charles Leclaire “Unfortunately, today is not our day, but I believe in Ferrari, the team did a great job and dealt with the lack of speed in Australia. But what can you say? Of course, I am upset, like everyone in the team, but in races it happens. However, in this unpleasant situation we were lucky: the safety car had left, without it we would have lost even more positions. In addition, I am afraid that we might have problems with the fuel.

To take it all is very difficult, but I want to thank the team for the fact that the whole weekend we had a great car. Undoubtedly, we will still win back and become only stronger.

The start was not the best, but then we confidently had a race, so it is a pity that in the end we only got third place, but, as I said, these are the race. Potentially, it was possible to achieve a higher result, the third place was not what we deserved today, but I am still satisfied. Of course, I congratulate Lewis and Valtteri, but, I repeat, we will win back! ”