Charles Leclaire: I am still in the process of gaining experience

Charles Leclaire: I am still in the process of gaining experience

May 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The beginning of the season for Charles LeClair is unstable, although he has already made it clear that he claims the highest results. But in order to achieve them, experience is needed, which comes only with time.

Charles Leclaire: “In Ferrari, you need to get used to the large amount of information that needs to be learned. But then you no longer have to spend much time on it. It also takes time to get to know everyone and understand who occupies what position. Here analytical work hidden from prying eyes is constantly going on – its scale and depth are simply incredible.

In this team, people are trying to deal with all questions, no matter what area they may be connected. The team helps me decide on priorities, but gradually, with experience, I will do it myself.

In order to be fast, first of all the rider needs talent. But then your speed depends on experience and ability to work. And with experience, you understand what you need to do to become even faster. I am still in the process of accumulating such experience, learning to use different approaches and methods that allow you to make the car faster.

We figured out what was the problem in Australia: a mistake was made when choosing settings, which affected the balance. In Bahrain, the settings were fine, but in China, to a lesser extent, and there we lost to Mercedes, although not so much. In Baku, with the balance again everything was fine, although in the qualification the picture was better than on the day of the race. In general, we are moving in the right direction.

I think we can fight for good results on any tracks, but for this you need to find the right approach to the settings of the machine. The technical innovations presented in Baku allowed one more step forward. ”

Leclaire confirmed that he and Sebastian Vettel had different styles of piloting: “I’m happy if the car is more prone to oversteer. In general, these machines are characterized by understeer. When I switched to F1, I was struck by how strong this trend was. With the balance that I preferred in Formula 2, it was just impossible to drive.

That is why last year I could not deal with the car until the fourth stage, which was the race in Baku. It was there that I realized that I had to restructure, after which everything fell into place.

But the different preferences in the settings for me and for Sebastian do not create special difficulties in the process of upgrading SF90. We equally feel the general problems of the machine. ”