Charles Leclair: The fight is not over yet

Charles Leclair: The fight is not over yet

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For pilots Ferrari Friday training in Singapore was not easy. Sebastian Vettel lacked the pace to compete with Hamilton and Verstappen, although he was still able to show a third time. Charles Leclair missed a significant part of the first training session due to a gearbox failure, and in the second he could not achieve a good pace.

Sebastian Vettel (3rd): “Usually the results on this track are close to what you showed in Hungary, but maybe today was the wrong day for comparisons, and tomorrow everything will become much clearer. Friday was not the smoothest, and I think we can still achieve more from the car. However, our rivals are very fast, definitely faster than us.

We didn’t use soft tires much – they provide better grip, but they do not work long. The Medium kit wore out almost as fast. Tomorrow we will focus on soft tires, and in the race, as usual on this track, we will try to cover the distance with one pit stop.

We will surely be able to add while the car does not behave the way I want, and we know how to achieve a better balance, which will allow us to play some time on the circle. It seems that all the new products that we brought here are working, let’s see how close we can get to the leaders tomorrow. ”

Charles Leclair (6th): “The day turned out to be difficult. In the first training session, a problem arose and we, unfortunately, did not drive so many laps. In the second session, I was not completely comfortable because of the balance of the car or the track, and I think that I can play a lot, adding to the pilotage.

We will analyze the data collected and try to take a step forward tomorrow. Going to Singapore, we knew that our rivals here will be strong, and that for us it will not be the easiest weekend. But the struggle is not over yet. We will do our best to make us stronger tomorrow. ”