Chargers for electric cars began to be built into lampposts

Chargers for electric cars began to be built into lampposts

May 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Hampshire City EV will install 200 unusual electric car charging points in Portsmund.

City EV, a Portsmouth-based company, has developed a simple and affordable electric vehicle charger integrated into lampposts. For their distribution, an agreement was concluded with Brighton City Council on the launch of equipment on several densely populated streets of the coastal city.

“Initial plans include the installation of 200 units. We set about 100 charging points before quarantine. But we hope to remove the restrictions this summer, which will allow us to collect a similar amount of points next year, ”said Peter Lagesse, co-founder of City EV and MD.

Lagesse noted that City EV also has similar, but less advanced charging points in Reading (15 chargers) and in northern London (80 chargers), and also began to attract interest from neighboring European countries.

At the charging points of City EV lanterns, a 3 kW power source is used “because it is what is available without road work” and they are specially designed to be cheap and easy to use. The equipment also has a flexible configuration, so each local government can choose specific poles to install charging in them.

“If EV usage grows, we must service owners who cannot charge their cars at home because they don’t have a carriageway,” Lagesse said. “The idea is that ultimately the availability of chargers will be no more than 50 yards.”

In addition to street chargers, City EV offers a number of fast-designed chargers of its own design for home and business, but the founders of the company – Lagesse and Morris – believe that public charging will be an area of ​​growth simply because of the high density of housing in cities in the UK such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Liverpool.