Charged VW Jetta R is pending

Charged VW Jetta R is pending

February 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It seems that the management of the German brand seriously decided to think about the “charged” version of the VW Jetta sedan. There are also rumors about the new compact crossover, which the German company Volkswagen can show in 2021.

According to the Volkswagen brand management plan, in the coming years, the model range of high-performance versions of conventional models will be significantly expanded in Europe. Such cars traditionally preach the prefix “R” to the name. In these series we can already say T-Roc R has entered, which will serve as an alternative to the Golf R for those who still need a crossover.

Speaking at the Chicago Auto Show in 2019, the vice-president of the German brand did not rule out the possibility of the appearance of the Jetta R. When asked whether they planned to create a “charged” version for the current version of the Jetta sedan, Mr. Khatami answered: “Never say never”.

He also noted that VW plans to make the Jetta a serious sports car. In his opinion, a more powerful version of the Jetta may attract more buyers than the Golf GTI / R.

Obviously, it is too early to talk about any technical characteristics of the car, especially given the fact that the Jetta R has not yet been confirmed for production. But we can easily imagine an enhanced sedan with all-wheel drive and a power of about 300 horsepower. This would be a significant step forward compared to the recently released 228-strong front-wheel drive Jetta GLI, shown here, which is a mixture of Golf GTI and R, getting the engine first and the brake of the latter.

As for the new crossover, which will be presented in 2021, then its main competitors will be Toyota C-HR, Jeep Renegade, Honda HR-V.