Charged Seat Leon Cupra vs. sports horse

Charged Seat Leon Cupra vs. sports horse

June 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Seat compared the “charged” Leon Cupra with a sports horse. The car and the animal competed in speed and ability to overcome obstacles in the competitive field of Barcelona’s Royal Polo Club.

The first contest consisted in a simple passage of a distance of 100 meters. Here, the car under the control of the rally driver Jordi Zhenya did not leave the chances of the horse: Cupra traveled this distance in 4.1 seconds, while Calgary took 15 seconds with the rider.

In the second stage, the car and the animal fought on the obstacle course on the territory of the golf club in Barcelona. The wagon was driving around the barriers at a speed of 80 km / h, while the horse jumped over them. In the end, the Seat Leon Cupra went around eight obstacles in 31.43 seconds, and Calgary coped with 12 almost two-meter barriers in 57 seconds.

In the winter Seat Leon Cupra competed in speed with a spear. Against the “charged” hatchback was the double Olympic champion Barbara Shpotakova.

And in May the crossover Seat Ateca dragged behind itself an aerodynamic shield, which helped skater Kjelda Neisu to accelerate to 93 kilometers per hour.