Charged Mercedes-AMG A45 is being tested

Charged Mercedes-AMG A45 is being tested

July 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

More than 400 horsepower of power will be under the hood of the German high-performance hatchback. Mercedes-AMG A45 can be introduced in the first half of 2019, in this case, the start of sales can be expected in the second half of the year.

A couple of hours ago, a series of “spy” photos of Mercedes-AMG A45 – a high-performance modification of the German 5-door hatchback – came into our editorial office. It is curious that the prototype seen, in addition to the Panamericana branded radiator grille, also received the right-hand steering. Apparently, the car first thing will appear in Australia, Britain and other countries with left-hand traffic.

So far, there is no exact data as to which index the German novelty will receive – someone says that the car, as planned, will be called Mercedes-AMG A45, while others say that the index will be “A50” or even “A53”. The latter seems unlikely, since “53” is used for more powerful electrified cars, such as the E53 and CLS 53.

Representatives of the sports division of Mercedes-AMG have already confirmed that the next generation of high-performance hatchback will differ not only entirely new engine, but also the newly modernized 4Matic all-wheel drive system. It is reported that German engineers managed to squeeze out of the 2.0-liter petrol power turbo-unit even more than 400 horsepower of power. In addition, there are rumors of an even more “hot” modification with an electric motor – the maximum power of such a hybrid will be even greater. A similar version of the car can be shown in 2020.

To our great regret, we can hardly see the final version of the new A45 or how it will be called, in the near future. The matter is that now, for engineers Mercedes-AMG the priority task is to produce less powerful modification of the new generation of hatchback under the A35 index. It is expected that this car, under the hood of which will be about 300 hp capacity, can show in the coming months.