Charged legend BMW M3 E46 tuned again

Charged legend BMW M3 E46 tuned again

June 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Modernization of the next car is always an exciting process for every tuning workshop. After all, you need to decide what to install on the “stock” model, and this is a kind of creative process. I must say that the guys from the company Pandem Rocketbunny coped well with this task.

They presented their new project, based on the legendary German charged coupe BMW M3 in the body of the E46. After all the modifications, the car got the name Phoenix Yellow M3.

The tuning specialists equipped the BMW M3 with a front spoiler made of carbon fiber, a rear spoiler, wheel arch expanders, etc. According to official data, all elements of the new appearance of the Bavarian legend cost the tuner $ 2,700. Now, the compartment has become wider and lower than before.

I must say that the car looks pretty stylish – new headlights, carbon fiber parts (on the ventilation holes, falshradiatornoy grille, side mirrors). The coupe received the wheels of CCW Classics in the performance of Matte Gunmetal, which were made to order for this car. The body of the charged coupe was pasted with a film, the shade of which was called Phoenix Yellow.

In addition to the appearance, the specialists of the tuning studio also worked on the technical part of the Bavarian coupe. Now, the power of the power plant (the s54b32 engine was installed) is 343 horsepower. The transmission and the exhaust system were also significantly upgraded.

Finally, we note that representatives of the company Pandem Rocketbunny claim that they managed not only to increase the power of the charged BMW M3, but also to improve its ride quality several times.

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